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ARCOM Committee Members 2014-2015

The committee of ARCOM is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, which is held during the Annual Conference.

Dr. Paul Chan, University of Manchester
As an active member since 2001, I joined the committee in 2006, serving as Secretary until 2014. I have contributed to the diversification of the doctoral workshops, and chaired various ARCOM debates. I am keen to connect construction management research as a field of inquiry within wider organisational and management studies. As Vice-Chair of ARCOM, I also introduced thematic tracks to the ARCOM Conference format to engage with the wider membership; these will roll out for the first time in Manchester in 2016. I will continue adding value through my cross-disciplinary research experience and networks, and passion for researcher development.

Immediate Past Chair
Dr. Ani Raidén, Nottingham Trent University
I joined the committee in 2007 and have since served on the prize-giving working group, organised ARCOM seminars, helped with many doctoral workshops, led the introduction of academic debates in the annual conference, and initiated and continue to administer ARCOM’s social media presence on Facebook. More recently, much of my attention has been on planning, organising and managing the 2014 and 2015 conferences alongside review and development of our information system (MyARCOM) as the Conference Chair and 2014-2016 as the ARCOM Chair.

Professor Chris Gorse, Leeds Beckett University
Ensuring that our research community benefits from the open exchanges and supportive networks that ARCOM events brings, is close to my heart. It remains an honour to serve on the ARCOM committee and to take the interests of the research community forward. As Vice Chair, I will continue to push education, research and enterprise forward; building on the backbone of our vibrant and informed research community. I will endeavour to extend our reach, maintain our high quality research forum and breakdown the boundaries that can stifle knowledge exchange. I support a stronger, more diverse international community which is ready to take on the challenges of the future.

Dr. Apollo Tutesigensi, University of Leeds
I was introduced to ARCOM as a PhD student in the late 90s, became a member in 2000 and have been involved in its activities for 16 years as author and member of the Scientific Committee. I was co-opted to the ARCOM Committee in March 2013 and elected in September 2013. My commitment to ARCOM’s objectives and activities remains very strong. I have enjoyed working with colleagues to improve the quality of ARCOM’s products and services over the last 15 or so months and I trust my election to the ARCOM Committee 2014/15 will enable me to continue this work.

Dr. Fred Sherratt, Anglia Ruskin University
With over ten years’ experience working in the construction industry, my academic interests remained with the people I worked alongside, and led me to focus on research which can make a difference, particularly in the field of health and safety and more recently the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. I am currently the ARCOM secretary, and took on this role in 2014 after a time as Workshop Convener, during which I helped to organise Doctoral Workshops on Sustainable Technologies, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, and ‘Defending your PhD’, an interactive workshop which involved a mock-viva. I am keen to support ARCOM going forwards, and to engage our wider membership in the provision and delivery of workshops, seminars, other events, and of course the annual conference.

Membership Secretary
Dr. Shu-Ling Lu, University of Reading
As Membership Secretary my vision is to provide better quality of membership services. One of the key actions is to continue to improve our existing individual and institutional membership database systems. Since elected as the Membership Secretary, I have completed the following four tasks. First, the design and operation of our on-line membership renewal process was successfully implemented. Second, the provision of an annual update on the status of both individual and institutional membership for the E-Newsletter. Third, institutional membership certificates have been available since 2012. Finally, individual membership certificate can be downloaded by individual members from their ‘MyARCOM’ accounts.

Publications Officer
Dr. Robby Soetanto, Loughborough University
I have been a member of ARCOM since I started my PhD research. ARCOM is a useful forum for the diverse range of researchers in the CM community. As current Newsletter Editor, I wish to maintain and develop this further. Since taking this on in 2010, I have reinvigorated the role of the newsletter as communication and dissemination medium for members. This means more frequent publications of features, and enhancing its presence to encourage wider participation. I hereby offer my personal commitment to the development of this dynamic and multi-disciplinary organisation to meet the future challenges of CM research.

Workshops Convenor
Dr. Chika Udeaja, University of Salford, Manchester
My name is Dr. Chika Udeaja from the School of the Built Environment at University of Salford and my research interest can be classified under construction management and informatics. I have been a member of ARCOM since 2005, but I became a workshop convenor (WC) two years ago. As a committee member (CM), I have been involved in facilitating doctoral workshops, both nationally and internationally. My motto has always been to work with other members to achieve the ARCOM charter and advance knowledge in the area of construction management. By continuing as a CM I will be able to support the aims of ARCOM at all levels.

Committee Member
Dr Emmanuel Aboagye-Nimo, University of Brighton
Emmanuel is a lecturer in Building Surveying and Construction Management at the University of Brighton. He is passionate about health and safety practices in construction. His main focus is on micro and small construction firms although he studies larger projects as well. He has experience in organising a wide range of knowledge exchange activities including Annual ARCOM conferences. He is currently working closely with local communities and firms in the South East of England to improve stakeholders’ welfare with regard to the Built Environment. Emmanuel will be helpful in the organisation of future conferences, seminars and coaching current research students.

Committee Member
Dr Dominic Ahiaga-Dagbui, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
I am a lecturer of Construction & Project Management at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and interested in practical research that supports performance improvement in the construction industry. I have been actively engaged with the construction management community, serving as ARCOM Conference Secretary and Co-organiser for the 29th and 30th Annual Conferences in Edinburgh and Reading, respectively. I was Co-Editor for the conference proceedings for the Reading conference and continue to serve on the ARCOM Scientific Committee. I offer my commitment to help ARCOM consolidate its international reputation as the premiere platform for construction management research dissemination, education and networking.

Committee Member (and International Liaison)
Dr. Colin Booth, University of West of England
“And now for something completely different” – before transferring to readerships in civil engineering and then construction management, I started academic life in applied sciences. Nowadays, I’m an Associate Professor of Sustainability at UWE, Bristol, and visiting Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, with a wealth of publications linked to environmental management issues, climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, and an array of construction and built environment studies. As such, I am unlike many traditional ARCOM members so I’ll provide the committee with a unique profile and different perspective on the scope of matters encompassing our discipline.

Committee Member
Professor David Boyd, Birmingham City University
A committee member since 1995, I am a past chair of ARCOM and was treasurer for many years. I have helped move ARCOM to a more professional footing whilst maintaining the fundamental idea of it as community. I am still committed to ARCOM and believe my extended experience of running ARCOM is essential as we move to develop the Association’s activities. I have a particular desire for ARCOM to undertake more activities, such as workshops, to give it a more progressive role in the CM community and to extend its membership.

Committee Member
Dr. Scott Fernie, Loughborough University
My seventeen year journey in construction management as a PhD student, research associate, research fellow, lecturer and senior lecturer has taken me to institutions both North and South of the border. In this time I have gained great experience and developed a research track record across multiple fields including knowledge management, supply chain management and low carbon construction. As an ongoing member of the scientific committee and regular attendee at ARCOM, I welcome the opportunity to put more back into the community by joining the ARCOM committee and working to help shape the construction management community of the future.

Committee Member
Dr. Chris Harty, University of Reading
I have been involved with ARCOM for several years, and have been an ARCOM committee member for the past three years. I took on the position of Treasurer from 2010. This is a rewarding role, especially as we currently have the financial security to both expand our current activities and look to develop new ones. I am especially committed to growing our institutional membership and have added a number of new institutions this year. Also, I am keen to develop a wider set of ARCOM engagement activities, through new initiates such as regional reading groups and mentoring schemes.

Committee Member
Ms Chrissi McCarthy, Constructing Equality
As a construction industry professional for over 20 years I have experienced the industry as a labourer, setting out engineer and site manager before starting my own business and understanding it through the eyes of both a consultant and small business owner. After being given the opportunity to undertake a PhD at Loughborough I became involved in ARCOM after my supervisors encouraged me to submit a paper for the 2013 conference. I found the event to be as welcoming as it was interesting and was encouraged by the depth of passion and understanding for progressive industry issues. My work has been supported by industry and its clients due to its real world application and I believe that I can strengthen links to industry and academia by improving my understanding of ARCOM and the academic process.

Committee Member
Dr Alex Opoku, University College London
Senior Lecturer in Quantity Surveying at the School of Built Environment & Architecture, London South Bank University, Alex is keen on promoting doctoral students activities in ARCOM. He has participated in a number of ARCOM conferences and workshops over the last five years. Alex hosted the ARCOM doctoral workshop jointly organised with the Northumbria University at the London South Bank University in June 2014. He believes in academic engagement with industry and would take ARCOM activities closer to the construction industry having been a Quantity Surveyor himself for seven years in the UK construction industry.

Committee Member
Dr Libby Schweber, University of Reading
ARCOM, for me, is one of those rare conferences which support intellectual engagement in a welcoming environment. As a committee member I would hope to further that ethos. I joined ARCOM in 2013 and have served on the scientific committee; I also delivered the keynote at the Portsmouth meeting in 2014. My current research explores sustainability at the project, firm and policy levels. As a sociologist I am interested in playing with different theories. I begin with the maxim that a very little theory goes a long way and that concepts are only as good as the empirical insights which they help to develop. As a committee member I would also look to develop and encourage that approach.

Committee Member
Professor Lloyd Scott, Dublin Institute of Technology
Academic Advisor and Partnership Coordinator for the School of Surveying and Construction Management at Dublin Institute of Technology. I joined the DIT as a lecturer in Construction Management and Technology in 2000. I would really be honoured to serve on the committee of ARCOM and if elected I would endeavour to encourage others to engage in construction research and take both the industry and construction education forward. I convened a doctoral research workshop session at Dublin in 2015 and would like to work alongside other committee members to develop further this important support mechanism for early career construction researchers. Since joining ARCOM in 2008 I have presented my research at many of the annual conferences. I would like provide a link to the work of other international construction research groups and extend the already commended work of the committee. I am keen to develop and advance ARCOM engagement, and would like to support and develop new initiatives that will enhance the discipline.

Committee Member
Dr. Simon Smith, University of Edinburgh
Having been an active member of ARCOM since 1997 I have never wavered from my view that it is the leading forum for discussion, dissemination, adventure and collaboration in all aspects of built environment research. My time as ARCOM Chair between 2012 and 2014 was one of the most fulfilling of my academic career and now, finding myself back to the regular committee for the first time in 8 years, I am once again renewed by my desire to serve and be a part of this wonderful community.

Committee Member
Dr. Craig Thomson, Glasgow Caledonian University
My relationship with ARCOM started in 2004 when I attended the conference as a PhD student, and over the last decade I have viewed it as an important part of my development co-authoring 13 papers, a member of the scientific committee and recently a session chair. I will work to ensure that ARCOM remains an important forum for developing young researchers, as well as a driver for debate. I have experience of conference organisation through SUE-MoT international conference’s 2007 (local organiser) and 2009, both 2 days with <100 delegates providing event planning and managing the scientific review process.

Committee Member
Dr. Niraj Thurairajah, Birmingham City University
Niraj is a senior lecturer at the Birmingham School of the Built Environment, Birmingham City University. Niraj teaches construction project management and quantity surveying modules to undergraduate and postgraduate students. His research interests cover people and process related aspects of built environment mainly in the areas of BIM, teaching and learning, building economics and disaster resilience. In the last 10 years he has made more than 40 peer reviewed publications, coordinated various conferences, involved extensively in research bidding and managed several research and employer engagement projects such as ORBEE, ACBEE, ExcelDL, ISLAND I & II, CKE and H2B innovation grants.