The ARCOM Seminars

Pushing the frontiers of knowledge in construction management research

Building on the success of the ARCOM workshops, we are pleased to announce a new funding initiative, The ARCOM Seminar. The ARCOM Seminar is seen as a way to diversify existing provision of the ARCOM research/doctoral workshops and to raise the quality of the intellectual debate in the field of construction management research. The ARCOM Seminar should be distinctive from the established ARCOM research/doctoral workshops. To this end, the aim of the ARCOM Seminar is to sustain high-quality intellectual debates that would push the frontiers of knowledge in construction management research. The main objectives are:

  1. To attract and engage leading scholars from the social science disciplines and fields of organisational and management studies who have an interest in, and can add value to, the field of construction management research;
  2. To bring together a range of researchers (from early-career to established Professors) to actively discuss and debate on cutting-edge thinking and to provoke fresh agendas for construction management research, and;
  3. To stimulate the production of scholarly outputs such as special journal issues and edited books.

If you are interested in hosting The ARCOM Seminar, you will need to complete an application form and email the completed form to It is important that you take note of a number of key principles of running the ARCOM Seminar. Participation in an ARCOM Seminar should be by invitation only. This does not preclude an open call, but prospective participants have to demonstrate the potential to actively contribute to the seminar discussion. Selection is typically made on the basis of an email application, with prospective participants stating their area of expertise, how their research interests and current work connect with the seminar theme, and what they hope to get out of the seminar.

Unlike the ARCOM research/doctoral workshop where presenters have to prepare a six-page article for inclusion in a set of workshop proceedings, presenters at the ARCOM Seminar need not produce a full paper. Presenters may choose to produce an outline of their thoughts in a range of formats for the seminar (e.g. an extended abstract, a full paper, presentation slides, poster etc.), but the emphasis is on producing a coherent set of outputs after the seminar. Thus, the ARCOM Seminar should be viewed as a vehicle for stimulating further collaborative work (e.g. joint publications, special issue/edited book, research network etc.) after the event. However, any output that is subsequently produced as a consequence of discussions at an ARCOM Seminar must acknowledge the financial support provided by ARCOM. As the ARCOM Seminar is designed to encourage active participation of attendees, it is desirable to maintain a lower number of participants (i.e. maximum of around 20 participants). There is no fixed format for the ARCOM Seminar. A seminar can take place over a day or a residential weekend depending on interest and number of participants. A seminar can also be stand-alone or part of a coherent series.

Approval for the running of an ARCOM Seminar will be sanctioned by the ARCOM Seminar Working Group, based on (a) the contemporary nature of the proposal, and (b) its theoretical and provocative content. Proposers should also identify possible contributors, both within and outside of the construction management research community. Leading international scholars should also be invited where appropriate. Proposers should also work with the ARCOM Seminar Working Group member(s), who will play an active role in the organisation of the approved seminar. Finally, proposers should indicate intended outputs that can be developed after the seminar. In return for support of an ARCOM Seminar, proposers (who would normally be, but not restricted to, ARCOM members) must provide a summary/record of the event(s) for publication on the ARCOM website and/or newsletter. Please email for informal queries about the ARCOM Seminar.