Past Chairs of the ARCOM Committee

The Association of Researchers in Construction Management has a been in existence since 1984, at which time it was decided that the Chairmanship of ARCOM should change every two years. A number of people have expressed interest in learning who the previous chairs were, so here is the list:

2022-2024Apollo Tutesigensi
2020-2022Lloyd Scott
2018-2020Chris Gorse
2016-2018Paul Chan
2014-2016Ani Raiden
2012-2014Simon Smith
2010-2012Charles Egbu
2008-2010Andy Dainty
2006-2008David Boyd
2004-2006Farzad Khosrowshahi
2002-2004David Greenwood
2000-2002Akintola Akintoye
1998-2000Will Hughes
1996-1998Paul Stephenson
1994-1996Tony Thorpe
1992-1994Martin Skitmore
1990-1992Richard Fellows
1988-1990Matthew Cusack
1986-1988Roy Duff
1984-1986Rod Howes