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One of our most important publications is the Construction Management Abstracts and Indexes. This contains the full titles, authors, abstracts and keywords of articles from several leading Construction Management journals, from recent ARCOM Conference Proceedings, and from PhD theses. Please let us have your PhD abstract if you find that it is not already in the database (click here to forward the details of your PhD for review). The journals currently covered in the database are:

  • African Journal of Built Environment Research
  • Architectural Engineering and Design Management
  • ARCOM Annual Conferences (since 1997)
  • Building Research & Information
  • Buildings and Cities
  • Built Environment Project and Asset Management
  • Construction Economics and Building (previously 'Australian Journal of' and 'Australasian Journal of')
  • Construction Innovation
  • Construction Management and Economics
  • Construction Papers (ceased in 1983)
  • Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management
  • International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation
  • International Journal of Construction Education and Research
  • International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment
  • International Journal of Law in the Built Environment (ceased 2017)
  • Journal of Construction Business and Management
  • Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
  • Journal of Construction in Developing Countries
  • Journal of Construction Procurement (ceased in 2006)
  • Journal of Construction Research (ceased in 2006)
  • Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology
  • Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction
  • PhD Theses
  • Smart and Sustainable Built Environment

As well as updating the database regularly with new papers from the chosen journals, we are also adding past years of the ARCOM annual conference proceedings. Older ARCOM conference papers are not available on-line, so you will need to use Inter-Library loans to request copies of any that you do not have (ask your librarian if you do not know about Inter-Library loans).

You may be aware that this service was originally available as a hard copy, to those who wished to purchase it. The money from the sales of the hard copy volumes helped to cover the initial expense of setting up of the database and now that these costs have been recouped the annual maintenance costs are met from the ARCOM budget, so there is no need to charge for use of this service. Indeed, we feel strongly that as a learned society, the provision of this service to as wide an audience as possible fits centrally within our remit. Therefore, we decided to provide the service as an on-line searchable database. This is now available to anyone with web access. If your library has an old copy of the printed abstracts, please let them know about this on-line service. We have discontinued the provision of hard copies.

Additional Publications: If you are the publisher or editor of a journal you think should be added, please prepare a brief analysis that shows us how many of the papers in our database are cited by the proposed journal and vice versa. We don’t need exact numbers, but for the last few years, an indication of these numbers would immediately tell us whether it would be relevant to even consider including a proposed addition in the ARCOM CM Abstracts. We understand that the work involved in preparing this is not trivial, but this is the only reliable way of assessing whether a journal is a central part of the CM literature. Once we have this information (please send to abstracts@arcom.ac.uk), we can check it and consider the request in a more informed context.