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Danso, F O, Badu, E, Ahadzie, D K and Manu, P (2015) Health and safety issues and mitigation measures relating to adaptive-retrofits projects: Literature review and research implications for the Ghanaian construction industry . In: Raiden, A and Aboagye-Nimo, E (Eds.), Proceedings 31st Annual ARCOM Conference, 7-9 September 2015, Lincoln, UK. Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 559–568.

  • Type: Conference Proceedings
  • Keywords: adaptive, health and safety, retrofit
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-9552390-9-0
  • URL: http://www.arcom.ac.uk/-docs/proceedings/bbbb6c287eb591ecdbae3f9ab8230545.pdf
  • Abstract:
    Adaptive-retrofit projects (ARPs) are associated with dire health and safety (H&S) issues which are fragmented and scattered in the existing literature on retrofitting, refurbishment, renovation, rehabilitation, and repair and maintenance work (5R+M). To effectively guide the safe execution of ARPs, these fragmented and scattered issues together with their mitigation measures need to be identified and consolidated into a single unified coherent insight. Therefore this paper, as part of an on-going PhD research on ARPs in Ghana, reviews academic literature to identify and compile a comprehensive list of the H&S issues with their mitigation measures for ARPs. After performing electronic database literature searches and subsequent critical examination of the literature obtained, thirty-six (36) health and safety issues/challenges and twenty-six seven (27) mitigation measures relating to execution of ARPs were identified. These findings provide a sound preliminary basis for further empirical studies towards the development of a coherent and unified guidance for the safe execution of ARPs in Ghana while taking into account local conditions that could also induce additional H&S issues which may not be apparent in the extant literature.