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Al-Meshekeh, H S and Langford, D A (1999) Conflict management and construction project effectiveness: a review of the literature and development of a theoretical framework. Journal of Construction Procurement, 5(01), 58–75.

Birnie, J (1999) Private Finance Initiative (PFI): UK construction industry response. Journal of Construction Procurement, 5(01), 5–14.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: partnership; PFI; private finance initiative; procurement; risk; tendering
  • ISBN/ISSN: 1358-9180
  • URL:
  • Abstract:
    Few initiatives within United Kingdom (UK) construction have received as much publicity as the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) since it was launched in 1992. The Government, while keen to highlight the amount of project work that has resulted from PFI, has also had to admit that there have been many administrative problems in the implementation. The Construction Industry, while initially interested because of the potential workload, has continued to express doubts about the likely success. This paper examines the history of PFI, and the reasons for the problems. Risk bearing is identified as a major factor and proposals are put forward which may alleviate some of the concerns of the industry.

Craig, R (1999) How innovative is the common law of tendering?. Journal of Construction Procurement, 5(01), 15–26.

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Rashid, K B A and Morledge, R (1999) Strategies to remove or alleviate constraints affecting the processes of construction procurement in Malaysia. Journal of Construction Procurement, 5(01), 27–41.