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Al-Meshekeh, H S and Langford, D A (1999) Conflict management and construction project effectiveness: a review of the literature and development of a theoretical framework. Journal of Construction Procurement, 5(01), 58–75.

Birnie, J (1999) Private Finance Initiative (PFI): UK construction industry response. Journal of Construction Procurement, 5(01), 5–14.

Craig, R (1999) How innovative is the common law of tendering?. Journal of Construction Procurement, 5(01), 15–26.

Edwards, P J and Bowen, P A (1999) Risk and risk management in construction projects: concepts, terms and risk categories re-defined. Journal of Construction Procurement, 5(01), 47–57.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: procurement; project management; risk; risk analysis; risk management; uncertainty
  • ISBN/ISSN: 1358-9180
  • URL:
  • Abstract:
    Understanding of risk and risk management in the construction industry is erratic. An attempt is made to redress this situation by reviewing the concepts of risk and uncertainty and by re-defining the terminology. The preferred definition of risk is that it is the probability that an adverse event occurs during a stated period if time. The main context for construction risk management is found to lie in the decision-making aspects of building procurement. A source-based approach to categorizing construction and project risks is proposed, with natural and human systems as the two primary source, categories. Human risks comprise events or actions originating in humanly devised systems are further categorized as social, political, economic, financial, legal, health, managerial, technical, or cultural sources of risk.

Rashid, K B A and Morledge, R (1999) Strategies to remove or alleviate constraints affecting the processes of construction procurement in Malaysia. Journal of Construction Procurement, 5(01), 27–41.