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Abed, A, Ali, H, Ibrahim, A and Wedyan, M (2023) Impact of setbacks on thermal comfort and visual privacy in detached houses in Jordan. Building Research & Information, 51(04), 446–58.

Boissonneault, A and Peters, T (2023) Concepts of performance in post-occupancy evaluation post-probe: a literature review. Building Research & Information, 51(04), 369–91.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Post-occupancy evaluation; building performance assessment; performance concept; literature review;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2022.2132906
  • Abstract:
    Building performance is a widely held goal in the architecture, engineering and construction industries, driven by a shared pursuit of the triple bottom line. This research paper re-examined the term ‘performance’ and its characterization in post-occupancy evaluation (POE) literature using a semi-systematic review of 160 articles published since 2008. The review identified how performance parameters have been defined, what the dominant attributes of studies are and what metrics have been used to measure them. A thematic content analysis found that many new priorities had emerged in recent years, problematizing Preiser et al.’s 1988 construct of the concept. The main contribution of this paper is a new expanded definition of ‘performance’ in terms of three interrelated domains: building, people and organization, and the development of subcategories for more nuanced analysis. This definition builds on the building performance-people performance paradigm first established by the UK’s PROBE initiative and responds to several shifts in thinking the review results revealed, including a shift from deterministic thinking towards a more bidirectional understanding of the person-environment relationship. Results were further distilled into recommendations to be used by researchers, practitioners and policymakers to identify performance areas of interest and develop more adaptive, integrated approaches to POE work.

Elsayed, M, Romagnoni, P, Pelsmakers, S, Castaño-Rosa, R and Klammsteiner, U (2023) The actual performance of retrofitted residential apartments: post-occupancy evaluation study in Italy. Building Research & Information, 51(04), 411–29.

Perez-Bezos, S, Grijalba, O and Hernandez-Minguillon, R J (2023) Multifactorial approach to indoor environmental quality perception of social housing residents in Northern Spain. Building Research & Information, 51(04), 392–410.

Rotimi, F, Burfoot, M, Naismith, N, Mohaghegh, M and Brauner, M (2023) A systematic review of the mental health of women in construction: future research directions. Building Research & Information, 51(04), 459–80.

Sadek, A H and Willis, J (2023) Forms of environmental support: The roles that contemporary outpatient oncology settings play in shaping patient experience. Building Research & Information, 51(04), 481–500.

Zhong, Z and Gou, Z (2023) High-rise apartment quality evaluation and related demographic factors: lesson from RentSafeTO programme. Building Research & Information, 51(04), 430–45.