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34th Annual Conference – Belfast, UK
3-5 September 2018

Track 10: Walking the Talk: Moving beyond words to create productive communication between academia and industry

Lead: Professor Christine Räisänen, Chalmers University of Technology (christine.raisanen@chalmers.se); Dr. Paul W Chan, The University of Manchester

In our efforts toward building a sustainable environment, we need to create productive relationships between academia and industry (as well as with society at large). To do this, we need to find new ways of communicating through engaged collaborative research (see e.g. Voordijk and Adriaanse, 2016, and; also Van de Ven, 2007). To date, we have seen an increasing number of ethnographic studies that go beyond traditional methods of survey and interview research, seeking to deepen collective understanding of the day-to-day workings of the industry (see e.g. Löwstedt, 2015, and; Morgan and Pink, forthcoming).

Notwithstanding these developments, the focus continues to be on analysing talk and text. This focus on linguistic semiotics is likely to intensify given growing pressure on academics to demonstrate their impacts through quantitative publication metrics (e.g. citation indices) (see e.g. Sage, forthcoming, and; Styhre, forthcoming). In this track, we welcome theoretical, methodological and empirical papers that showcase attempts to ‘walk the talk’. We are especially interested in papers that address one or more of the following questions:


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