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34th Annual Conference – Belfast, UK
3-5 September 2018

Track 9: Procurement for Sustainable Innovation in the Built Environment

Lead: Professor Pernilla Gluch, Chalmers University of Technology (pernilla.gluch@chalmers.se), Professor Anna Kadefors, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Associate Professor Leentje Volker, TU Delft.

Research on construction procurement has traditionally dealt with how factors such as uncertainty, complexity and relationship frequency should affect the division of responsibility for a project, to achieve optimal cost or time performance. However, procurement strategies have wider implications than so: they provide the incentives for suppliers to invest in long term competence development and new technology, supporting innovation (Edler and Georghiou, 2007), they strongly influence environmental impact (Ruparathna and Hewage 2015), and social sustainability is increasingly addressed by including contractual requirements to engage disadvantaged groups in construction activities (Barraket et al 2016; Petersen and Kadefors forthcoming). Clashes between various dimensions of sustainability often occur as well as conflicts between new and traditional professional roles (Sporrong and Kadefors 2014). These challenges call for research that goes beyond the traditional approach and studies organizational, policy or public administration aspects of procurement. Important questions relate to how learning can be improved to better support sustainable and innovative practices.

In this session we invite papers that address (but not restricted to) the following questions:


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