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ARCOM 2018: 34th Annual Conference – Belfast, UK

A Productive Relationship: Balancing Fragmentation and Integration

ARCOM 2018 returns to Belfast, drawing on the hospitality of Queen’s University in partnership with the Dublin Institute for Technology. Our research communities are coming together to achieve more than political rhetoric.

At a time when the modern world grapples with the challenges of divided nations, the need for greater collaboration to build communities of practice for resilience and sustainability seems paramount. Northern and Southern Ireland, not without their political challenges, are rich in communities and enterprise that surpass much of the divide. Important to this conference are the feats of great engineering borne from cultures that embrace technology and a willingness to explore. The progressive mobile have and continue to shape our built environment. Without such transient and powerful workforces, holding on passionately to their culture, would we achieve so much?

We invite paper submissions that address the central theme, ‘Balancing fragmentation and integration’. Fragmentation of the construction industry has often been highlighted as a problem, and as a reason to integrate. Yet, there is a need to deepen our understanding of fragmentation and to understand whether it is not only problematic, but also a productive force for good. Questions are raised around whether fragmentation is necessarily a bad thing, and whether integration is always the solution. Should we be striving for a balance between fragmentation and integration? What does this balance look like, and what implications will balancing fragmentation and integration have on policy, practice and research in construction?

The ARCOM Conference is an inclusive conference that covers a wide range of topics pertinent to construction work, including:

We invite the submission of 300-word abstracts, which should be uploaded via the MyARCOM portal on www.arcom.ac.uk before 2359hrs GMT on Friday 12 January 2018. Abstracts should be informative and contain a clear purpose statement and research question, and information about the methods and key findings. Abstracts that successfully pass through the double-blind peer-reviewed process will be invited for full paper development.

Since 2016, the ARCOM Conference has introduced thematic tracks to better steer more focussed conversations around the general theme of the conference. To build a productive relationship within and between academia and industry, and in finding a balance between fragmentation and integration, we invite authors to consider and respond to the following themes and tracks when developing the full papers.

Emerging themes include, though are not restricted to:

  • Track 1: Failure and Learning from Failure
  • Track 2: Theoretically informed research on digitalization in construction
  • Track 3: Reconceiving multidisciplinary collaboration for managing design in construction: Moving forward from the fragmentation-integration dichotomy
  • Track 4: Integration and Collaboration for a Sustainable Built Environment
  • Track 5: Keeping Up with the Digital Age: How construction companies use digital communication tools to build up management processes
  • Track 6: Mental Health, Stress and Wellbeing in the Construction Industry
  • Track 7: Institutionalising Construction Management Research?
  • Track 8: Infrastructure Investment through Public-Private Partnerships
  • Track 9: Procurement for Sustainable Innovation in the Built Environment
  • Track 10: Walking the Talk: Moving beyond words to create productive communication between academia and industry
  • Please click here to download the Call for Papers.