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35th Annual Conference – Leeds, UK
2-4 September 2019

Track 3: Academia-Industry Engagement

Lead: Shu-Ling Lu, University of Reading (s.lu@reading.ac.uk);
Roger Flanagan, University of Reading

In this track, we focus on the need to bridge the divide between the logics of academic research with theory-generation and theory-testing; and the more prescriptive, practical needs of industry and practice.

In an ideal world, research results can be taken up by the industry and turned into products and services, research should be at the forefront of problem solving and developing new and better quality projects. New research topics, therefore, arise out of interaction between academia and industry to their mutual benefit. There is a growing view from industry that current researchers seem more interested in mobilising / developing complex theories to solve research problems which do not exist in the first place in the construction industry. At the same time, there is little or no research in a large number of areas that industry would like academia to prioritise. One example is temporary fire protection on job sites, which has changed little in 30 years. Legislation and compliance has lagged behind modern construction methods. The fire on the School of Art, Glasgow has posed new issues for construction sites; research has been lacking in fire engineering in structures under construction. Similarly, the academic community discusses low productivity, performance, and quality issues on construction sites, but has poor understanding of the fundamentals to measure and improve productivity and quality on the job site. Unless research has value, relevance, affordability, and applicability for the industry, there will continue to be low take-up of the ideas.

Therefore, we would like to invite contributions to this track that address the following questions:


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