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35th Annual Conference – Leeds, UK
2-4 September 2019

Track 1: Problematising building performance

Lead: Hiral Patel, University of Reading (hiral.patel@live.in);
Stuart Green, University of Reading

Construction management research is too often orientated towards the delivery of built assets as fixed objects. The sustainability agenda triggered a renewed interest in the performance concept of built assets (Brochner et al., 1999). Similarly, building performance evaluation gained momentum in 1990s following PROBE studies (Cohen et al., 2001). Building performance has a long and chequered history (Bordass and Leaman, 2015). There have been many false dawns for building performance professionally. The history of building performance is also characterised by colonisation of different academic disciplines such as environmental psychology, sociology, architecture and anthropology to name a few (Mallory-Hill et al., 2012). The debates around building performance tend to be forgotten, only to be re-discovered by each subsequent generation (Markus, 2001).

In this track, we call for a critical review of current academic and industry knowledge around building performance. We seek to learn from the past in the hope of securing better futures. Some indicative themes for this track include:


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